Eva is an actress/theatre maker hailing from Vienna, Austria. She recently graduated from East 15 Drama School with a first, and is currently reworking her critically acclaimed new comedy ’30 Days of Blood’ as well as co-producing Milk and Blood’s latest show ‘Journey to the Mooncup’. In October she will be performing My Sister in this House in London as well as making her debut at the Pentameters Theatre in Hampstead as part of the cast of Bedit Girls 1963 and the Assassination of President Kennedy in Novembver. 

Having been involved with professional theatre since she was thirteen, Eva has performed in a number of high profile venues in Vienna and London.

Her can-do attitude coupled with her athleticism allows her to conquer all kind of physical challenges and brings a brave and daring energy to the rehearsal room. While training Eva found a particular talent for clowning and devising and she is keen to create new work wherever possible.

Performing in a more classical manner in Vienna and completing a two months intensive Shakespeare course at LAMDA, she developed a fiery passion for Shakespeare and makes it a priority to watch as many plays at the London Globe and the Vienna Globe as she can.

One of her most rewarding experiences yet was working with Simon Stevens on the larger than life character Steffen Dresner in his play Three Kingdoms.